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Want to do it yourself?  Don’t know where to begin?

If you are looking at doing your own garden clean up, or undertake your own landscaping, consider the following costs:

  • hire of a trailer,
  • cost of taking rubbish to the tip,
  • entry to the tip, or
  • skip hire,
  • herbicide,
  • weed matting,
  • screenings,
  • plants – mature or seedlings or a combination of both.

You may also need to hire a mower and buy fuel, as well as arrange for screenings, mulch etc to be delivered.

Don’t forget to do a realistic timeline either. Travelling to the tip and unloading the trailer can be quite time consuming on a Saturday afternoon when everyone else is doing the same thing. Not to mention the amount of time researching prices, measuring, booking and ordering the products you need.
Time is particularly important if you are planning to do comprehensive landscaping. On TV you may be able to get a complete overhaul done in a weekend.  This is because there are so many helpers behind the scene, buying the plants, delivering the plants, digging the beds, etc.  Remember you are a team of one or two, not a cast of a hundred.  Sometimes it is best to consider your overall garden as a number of manageable projects and do each project one at a time.
If you do decide to do it all in one big go, remember that deliveries of sand, soil, stones etc will need to be staggered, unless you have a big space to store it or really friendly neighbours who don’t mind their access blocked.  No kidding! We once had a client who lived at the bottom of a t-bar block. He had 3 cubic metres of sand and 6 cubic metres of stones delivered at the same time.  The trucks left it all in his shared driveway blocking access in and out for him and his two neighbours for three days.

The links below have been provided to assist you in planning, and is not meant as an endorsement.  Additionally, there are a number of software programs that help you design a garden.  You will need to understand the difference between area and volume to operate most programs.

Lawnmower hire:
Garden supplies:

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